With a fleet of late model trucks and tankers which go into daily, weekly and monthly full mechanical and technical check list inspection. Petrosaas can provide an adequate logistics solutions to transport Oils and Chemicals from remote areas and ports to our facilities and then after proper treatment in a safe and secure manner to the distributor. We have hundreds of trailers for the ISO tank movements in place of the conventional mode of transportation by using 40’ and 20’ flat bed trailers. Trailers are equipped with twist locks to hold the ISO containers and the low CG of the trailer and shorter length (as per the ISO tank) makes it a safe option for the transportation of ISO tanks.

Company has installed GPS on all their fleet and the system got the capability to give online information of position of the vehicle and this system can be used as effective tool to monitor drivers behavior on road as it is capable of monitoring over speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration parameters.